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Reprisal Bullmastiffs (formerly Keeper Bullmastiffs) is located in eastern Washington state. It is home to the Cady family: Tamara, Carey and their son, Benjamin. We have been in the breed since 1990. We are known to produce dogs of good type, temperament and health.

People often think of Washington state as always raining - but the rain falls mostly on the west side of the state. The state is divided by the Cascade Mountain Range. It is known by those who live east of the Cascades, as the "dry side" and THIS is where life truly begins!

We moved from Tamara's hometown of San Diego, CA. to WA state in the year 2000. Carey was close to retiring from the Submarine Force in the US Navy. It was decided to move back to his homestate to be closer to his family & for a better quality of life for Benjamin's remaining school years. Relocating to Washington meant not just a quality life for our family, but also for our 4 legged companions! 

We bought our dream home with acreage in a small mountain lake community. Upon retirement from the military, Carey opened a home remodeling business. With his creative talents & experienced skill, he built a comfortable kennel facility to safely house the dogs. It has several expansive exercise runs where the dogs can run, bask, dig and play without any worries of destruction to the rest of our landscaped yard. A seperate whelping house was added which additionally serves as indoor winter housing of our multiple dogs. This cute little house has a bed, TV, A/C, heater, refrigerator and all the coziness of the main house, so the dogs don't feel too 'alone' when it is their turn to be in. (see below)

Our involvement in the dog world is as follows:

Past Memberships/Canine Related Involvement
- Bahia Sur Kennel Club; Carey - Vice President, Tamara - Board Of Director, Secretary
- San Diego Obedience Club 
- California Federation of Dog Clubs
- Founding members of Bullmastiffs Of San Diego County
- San Diego Judges Workshop 
- Former chairperson for Bullmastiff Booth at the America's Family Pet Expo (6 years)
- Spokane Kennel Club

Present memberships/Canine Related Involvement
- Inland Empire Kennel Association (Inland Empire Kennel Association, Inc.); 2006 Show Chair, Board Of Director, Education Chair 
- American Bullmastiff Association (American Bullmastiff Association Website); Tamara is a recognized "Group 1" Mentor (Bullmastiffs - Mentors)
- Founding members of Inland Empire Bullmastiff League
- Columnist for the 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Hoflin Bullmastiff Annual (The Bullmastiff Annual)

We believe in education - not just for the potential Bullmastiff owner - but education for us! It is important that we remain current with the latest advances in veterinary technology, husbandry management, and training methods. We strive to maintain a fresh attitude and a fresh "eye" with regard to our dogs and our breeding program. The investment for continuing education courses is well worth the time and cost. It  affords unique opportunity to network with other dog breeders (of All Breeds) in an environment conducive to sharing information and "pearls of wisdom".   

Continuing Education Seminars Attended
- Vic & Angie Montleon Handling Class (6 years) 
- George Alston Beginning & Advanced Handling (4 years)
- Sensitivity To Balance by Tom Lam (2 years) 
- Annie Davis Sho-Pro Handling & Show Training (3 years) 
- Mel Ells Handling Class
- K9 Structure and Movement by Ed Gilbert   (www.gilbertk9.com)
- Canine Locomotion and Gait by Robert Cole
- Breeding Better Dogs by Carmen Battaglia (Breeding Better Dogs)
- Canine Reproduction by Carol Bardwick (www.caninecryobank.com)
- Animal Communication; Bridging The Gap by Shirley Scott (www.animaltalkhealing.com)
- Puppy Puzzle by Pat Hastings (www.dogfolk.com)
- Canine Repro & Whelping / Puppy Intensive Care by Myra Savant (Myra Savant Harris)
- ABC's Of Dog Breeding by Claudia Waller-Orlandi   (BASSET HOUND UNIVERSITY)
- Solving The Mysteries Of Breed Type by Robert Beauchamp 
- Breed Priorities by Nikki Riggsbee

Breeding With A Vision - The Bullmastiff we strive to produce is a vision we hold in our mind that meets the Breed's Standard (AKC Bullmastiff Standard). It is one of a dog that is deep bodied, wide, hard muscled, proportionately balanced with strong head type (deep stop, square head, full cheeked, broad muzzle), a dog with correct shoulder angulation, short back, definite second thigh musculature and an attitude that reflects interest and animation in everything it does. As breeders and keepers of this breed, we absolutely will not compromise this vision. Our dogs are clearly and unmistakeably identified as Bullmastiffs even to those who are barely familiar with our breed.

We are not frequent breeders therefore when we produce a litter, it is with the intention of keeping our next generation. Our litters have been planned out years before the puppies are produced. We consider the health and temperament of the prospective sire and dam. They must exemplify correctness in type and temperament as well as exhibit intelligence along with instinct. The excitement of watching all the careful planning come to life makes every single litter a magical one!

We have produced some outstanding examples of the breed who have gained recognition in the show ring as well as reestablished/foundationed breeder programs. Some of our puppies have won not only Group wins but also points at Regional Specialties, one became a stunt dog movie double, another starred in a Honda commercial,  a few in calendars as well as models for dog breed artwork. Our program has sired or produced kids who became Regional Specialty winners, another 'grandpup' starred in a family movie and another gained fans in Europe as she blazed a trail qualifiying her to show at Crufts in 2010. Dog shows, peer recognition aside, it is most important that our dogs be the star in their future home.

All potential owners are extensively screened before a placement consideration will be made. While it is nice to have our puppies seen at the shows, a show home is not as much a priority as a FOREVER home. If you want one of our puppies, be prepared to answer alot of questions & we will do the same. We encourage inquiries from discriminating families of integrity who are prepared to take on all the long-term, lifetime responsibilities associated in caring for their Bullmastiff puppy purchased from us.

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