When it comes time to placing the puppies into their expectant homes, I can confidently match each puppy into the proper loving home that offers it the correct environment for it's personality and temperament. There is usually very little choice for the families who are patiently waiting. They understand that I will select the puppy who best meets their desires in a companion. This selection is based on my observations of the specific imprinting and socialization  notes made on each puppy. 

For those who think these methods cheat the dam from her duties and the puppy doesn't learn it's dog language, have no worries. The imprinted puppy gets time with it's littermates and it's dam. My ultimate goal however, is to create a puppy that will live well adjusted amongst it's human family. It is not my intent to create a dog to be a playmate with other dogs. My focus is to develop a family companion with the inner essence to subconsciously live submissively with it's family. My puppies must understand that it is the person it must want to please and seek out - not another dog. It is the person's responsibility to ensure a safe and proper introduction of other dogs to each other. In my observation, the imprinted puppy who has been properly socialized will trust in it's person that all is well.
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