'Must Read' articles before bringing home a new puppy (or dog):
Bullmastiff - What the Prudent Buyer Should Know: Bullmastiffs
Bullmastiff information, resources and other: Bullmastiff Information

Considerations of owning a dog:  Before You Get A Dog
Buyer Beware: Puppy Lemon Law States

Dog Play: Making a Difference: Being a Responsible Dog Breeder
Before you decide to breed: Breeding Your Dog - VeterinaryPartner.com - a VIN company!
When integrity is lacking: Rescue

National Bullmastiff Club: American Bullmastiff Association Website
American Kennel Club: American Kennel Club - akc.org

Responsible dog ownership & legislation: Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States
Inland Empire Kennel Club, (All Breed Club) located in Spokane, WA  Inland Empire Kennel Association, Inc.

Our Dogs' Best Friend:
Dr Ben Hart, Fairwood Animal Hospital: www.fairwoodvet.com

Breeder Referrals:
Pat O'Brien, Bullmast Bullmastiffs: bllmast@aol.com
Karen Freeman & Todd Pierce, Absolute Bullmastiffs: absolutebull@comcast.net  
Al & Diane Batchelor, TruGrit Bullmastiffs:  www.trugritbullmastiffs.com
Bill & Sandy Whitely, Wyndsormaxx Kennels: www.wyndsormaxxkennels.com
Melinda Agee, Melkev's Bullmastiffs: Welcome to Melkev's Bullmastiffs
Debbie & Jim Spaulding, Chugiak Bullmastiffs: www.chugiakbullmastiffs.com
Bill & Fern Dittmar, Bully Boy Bullmastiffs: Bully Boy Bullmastiffs
Paul & Aisling Briscoe, Belwood Bullmastiffs (Ireland) www.belwoodbullmastiffs.net

Collectible Bullmastiff Annuals: The Bullmastiff Annual
Customized Bullmastiff Collectibles: Bully Booth Shop on Line Store

Breeder Tools, Services & Articles
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals: www.offa.org
Veterinary Diagnostic Center: www.vetdnacenter.com
Analyzing Movement - Athletic and Working Dogs
Optimal Selection: www.optimalselectionDNA.com
Breeder website creation: http://breederoo.com/index.cfm?pc=memref&d=m4c6ef
Pedigree Software by Man's Best Friend Software
Canine Cryobank :: Over 25 years producing fresh, cooled and frozen semen litt
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A personal favorite: Brackett article

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Bullmastiff Breeder Directories Around The World:

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Wellness programs: Welcome to Isagenix, World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing
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